Casual Sick Pay

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No worker should have to choose between a day’s pay and their health – and the health of every Victorian.

Eligible casual workers will be paid up to five days sick and carer’s pay per year to take time off when they are sick or need to care for loved ones.

To be part of the Victorian Government's Sick Pay Guarantee you must be an eligible worker and lodge the required documentation on the Service Victoria App or visit the website here:

Occupations eligible in the first phase of the Victorian Sick Pay Guarantee include:

Hospitality workers: Providing services to patrons of hotels, bars, cafes, restaurants, casinos and similar establishments.

Food preparation assistants: Preparing food in fast food establishments, assisting food trades workers and service staff to prepare and serve food, cleaning food preparation and service areas.

Food trades workers: Baking bread and pastry goods; preparing meat for sale; planning, organising, preparing and cooking food for dining and catering establishments.

Sales support workers: Providing assistance to retailers, wholesalers and sales staff by operating cash registers, modelling, demonstrating, selecting, buying, promoting and displaying goods.

Sales assistants: Selling goods and services directly to the public on behalf of retail and wholesale establishments.

Other labourers who work in supermarket supply chains: Including workers who fill shelves and display areas in stores and supermarkets; load and unload trucks and containers; and handle goods and freight.

Aged and disability carers: Providing general household assistance, emotional support, care and companionship for aged and disabled persons in their own homes.

Cleaners and laundry workers: Cleaning vehicles, commercial, industrial and domestic premises, construction sites and industrial machines, and clothing and other items in laundries and dry-cleaning establishments.

Security officers and guards: Providing security and investigative services to organisations and individuals, excluding armoured car escorts and private investigators.

Please contact my office on 5533 7722 if you need any help with the process.