Spotlight on Sebastopol

Sebastopol’s transformation will begin with the first three projects of the $5 million Spotlight on Sebastopol commitment that I made to the community in 2014.

Urban Forest Implementation. In recognition that Sebastopol has limited green space which makes it vulnerable to the impacts of rising temperatures approximately 4,400 vacant tree sites have been identified in Sebastopol, providing an opportunity for a tree-planting project that would increase the green space and support the City of Ballarat’s target of 40 per cent canopy cover across the municipality by 2040.

Upgrade connections to the Yarrowee Trail. The project focuses on three areas along the trail including improving the amenity and visual connections to the Yarrowee Valley from Orion Street and upgrading the Yarrowee Trail Head (Dowcra Street) to develop a welcoming gateway to the River Trail.

Connecting Sebastopol seeks to build community leadership and capacity through a newsletter, a new community association and an online portal to be delivered by the Neighbourhood house.

Sebastopol is a vibrant community and this revitalisation will help to put the spotlight back on this proud neighbourhood.

Future projects are due to be announced in 2022.